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Stewards and Enthusiasts
of the Lochsa Backcountry

Women on the Lochsa

Nothing is more hip than a lady on a sled. Team Lochsa not only encourages lady riders but is involved with manufacturers to help build products for mountain sports that cater better to women.  Our racer Aly Bledsoe helped HL6 Activewear design a fleece-lined activewear line. It’s sure to help keep you toasty on the mountain and help get your “Om” on.  Check it out at

Our Team Lochsa racer Aly Bledsoe, along with many other RMSHA Pro women racers helped teach at the Women’s Hillclimb 101 Clinic in Togwotee Pass Wyoming! It was a great hillclimb course addressing RMSHA rules, Jackson World Championship rules, sled setup, techniques, and of course lots of practice!!!  We can’t wait to see all the new amazing potential women racers.


Aly and H6 Activewear
Aly Bledsoe Racing
Pro Women Racers

Family time on the Lochsa

What could possibly be better than a family that rides together? We realize not everyone in a family may be as passionate as others and strongly encourage you to bring as many family members as you like as you join us for a family ride. Team Lochsa goes out of our way as a club to make sure family rides happen often throughout a season.  Some of our finest memories and riding days were on “Family & Friend Outings” where the riding might not be as progressive but the times together is unprecedented.  We want to encourage all levels of mountain sports enjoyments and involvement and there is no better way to do that than to join with the family day outings.  Help us update photos of, “FFO” as often as you can. WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!.

Youth on the Lochsa

Team Lochsa will go out of our way to help youth get into mountain sports – sledding, skiing, backpacking, fishing, hunting etc.  It helps keep our youth out of trouble and can be uplifting for anyone growing up in today’s complexity.  We also know that the future of our public lands will be in the hands or our youth soon so getting involved and aware early is critical.  We also JUST WANT THEM TO HAVE FUN!

  • Hunter Hayden – Team Lochsa guys and gals ROCK the mountains and the race hills.  Every time I ride with them I get better”
  • Aly Bledsoe   I love to ride with Team Lochsa… They are teaching me technique and safety and care about kids having fun.  Time for more Gals to take the podiums☺!

Clearly joining in the Friends and Family Outing opportunities is a great first step, but we also encourage our youth to consider our race program. For details please visit this page.

Fun with Backcountry Riders

Periodically Team Lochsa riders have feedback on rides of the week, conditions or perspective interesting for our readers. This fun section gives you all kinds of color on the backcountry.

  • We love the Motorfist Avalanche Bag! It’s a perfect size, fits snug, stylish, plenty of pockets and room for other safety gear and snacks and just wears better than the competition! Thank you Motorfist for helping keep Team Lochsa safe!
    April 2016: Great weekend. Hot weather, average snow and SUPER times as usual. Coiners and Bledsoe’s tore it up.  We are very worried about snow conditions. While the newsrooms tell you the snowpack is above 100% – IT IS NOT! It is at 50% best case in Lochsa Country. We measure it every year. This weekend was 60% less than a normal year on the top and the snow was gone below 5,000 feet.  At 65 degree at 7,000 feet, we don’t expect it to last long. We are afraid it will be another big fire year again!
  • Fun weekend with Keith Curtis in Lochsa country
  • The snow in March is 6′ below average in the high county we ride.  Not a good sign for the summer but also will kill our late season if we don’t get more… pray for SNOW! – Luke Bledsoe
  • Check out the new sled releases… All of the companies are making a great product right now… great to see so much innovation from each vendor… In my opinion, there has never been a better time to buy a well-engineered sled that will last you for a while.  I particularly like the new Skidoo X 850. –  Jim Hayden
  • Super day riding with young Aly Bledsoe. Aly started riding at age 3 and is now 15. She has aspirations of going to the top of Jackson in 2019!  If she keeps up the pace she will, “Rock the Socks off of Beethoven and all the other gals on the hill!” Go Aly! Special focus – Ladies who rock the slopes!
Christian Coiner and Luke Bledsoe
Luke Bledsoe
Motorfist Bag
Aly in the Air
Aly Bledsoe

Responsible and respectful riding

As members of Team Lochsa, we commit to always being stewards of the land. In sum, we pack it in and pack it out and slap around anyone that is not in that vein.  We respect boundaries and rules.  We will always help another mountain sports enthusiast in need.

Minimum Mountain Safety Gear

We never ride without the following basics:

  • General:   Shovel, avalanche beacon, avalanche victim probes, avalanche airbag pack, chest protection vests, extra drive belt, and radios (Check any region before leaving on Channel 16.0. Remember that on a bad day, it will help us find you.)
  • Survival gear:  Store in waterproof bags! Matches and fire starter, extra goggles, extra gloves, flashlights, extra wool socks, back up warm vest or jacket, overnight survival bivi,  wood cutting fold up saw, tow straps for towing out broken sleds, survival snacks for that overnight moment, water, tools, duct tape, zip ties and other sled tools.
  • Other:  It’s smart to bring a satellite phone or other mountain communication device.  And without a doubt, that good old Toilet Paper comes in handy as well.

Backcountry Access ( is a great resource for gear and avalanche safety tips. There is a reason why BCA is the most trusted name in backcountry safety and it shows in their products. Team Lochsa highly recommends this group. And be sure to check out their terrific avalanche packs.

This is a great video to watch to see how effective different light sources are when searching for someone at night.

Mountain riding technique and tips

We often are asked for tips on riding from intermediate riders wanting to improve skills. In this section, we will periodically give you tips from top riders in Team Lochsa or our affiliates/sponsors.

  • Never ride intoxicated.
  • NEVER RIDE ALONE in the backcountry, NEVER!
  • Always carry “Minimum Mountain Safety Gear” (see above).
  • Inspect your sled over completely before every ride.

Ski-doo also has a great site for backcountry riding tips. Check it out here.