About Us

Stewards and Enthusiasts
of the Lochsa Backcountry

Team Lochsa is a family on and off the mountain
Protecting the environment and lands is our priority, enjoying the environment and lands is our passion. Winter use of that environment and lands is our primary season, and motorized sleds have, for over 40 years, enabling our valuable access.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to support, create positive awareness and provide an accurate representation of backcountry sports through responsible recreational riding, professional, “Hill Climb” racing, facilitating safety training, charitable assist/contributions, search and rescue, government agency collaboration, vendor communication and interlock with other related clubs and organizations globally.

General Info
Team Lochsa LLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on promoting safe, responsible, family enjoyment of mountain sports with an emphasis on winter snowmobiling, both professional and recreational for men, women and children, all ages.

Our club represents over 500 public stewards of our beautiful Northwest lands…all of which are avid outdoor sports enthusiasts.  We are based near Missoula, Montana, but our membership spans across 15 states in the Union. Our club not only represents and promotes recreational mountain sports but also sponsors member athletes in professional winter sports such as National Hill Climb Snowmobile Racing.

For sponsorship or general information, please email TeamLochsa@Teamlochsa.com.


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Send a check to Team Lochsa Non-Profit 501(c)(3), 11 Old Elk Summit, Lolo, MT 59847 or donate via PayPal today!