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of the Lochsa Backcountry

We’re dreaming of a white RMSHA Hillclimb season!

Our Mission is to support, create positive awareness and provide accurate representation of backcountry sports through responsible recreational riding, professional, “Hill Climb” racing, facilitating safety training, charitable assist/contributions, search and rescue, government agency collaboration, vendor communication and interlock with other related clubs and organizations globally.

Our Mission

Featured Rider: Aly Bledsoe

Racer Number: 131 Hometown: Missoula, Montana Stats: – Started riding in 2006 – Started racing in 2016 – 15 races so far – Over 1,400 sled miles a year How long have you been riding snowmobiles and what inspired you to begin racing in RMSHA? I’ve been on a snowmobile...

Fighting Back

Giving back to the lands is our mission, fighting back for the lands is our need at times. Unfortunately, there are groups out there who don’t want PUBLIC use of the Lands. Most folks want to blame agencies in charge, but we actually find it less often the agencies...

Giving Back

We are very blessed to have this phenomenal country we play in. We want to always give back to it where we can. These public lands need our time and assistance. Agencies who traditionally maintained and supported these lands have seen considerable funding cuts. Our...

TEAM LOCHSA Moments 2019 
This club of dedicated outdoor athletes push the peg on various sports only possible in the northwest and in particular in the Lochsa drainage.  These professionals have a passion for the land, are stewards of the land and are our next generation driving home the argument to keep public lands accessible and open for all to enjoy. (Images by Kyle Finlay.)

Wandering Team Lochsa Member
Memories on Memorial Day
Nemo on the Water
Star Team Lochsa Coaches Jay Mentaberry and Blaine Mathews
Afton 1st Place 900 Mod - Luke Bledsoe
Teton Valley Adventures with Garrett, Hunter and Cooper
Team Lochsa Racer - Tyler Pighin
Garrett Tomb at Ski-Doo Hay Days
Single Track on the Lochsa
Ben Cilensek Riding on Water
2018 RMSHA Race Season - 1st, 2nd & 3rd!
Boondock Nation and Motorfist Join Team Lochsa
Aly Bledsoe AKA Fierce Pro Rider
Wil Burgess Flying High
Race Day Support Team
Luke Getting Some Keith Curtis Coaching
Lochsa White Water Adventures

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