A Brief Overview

Our Mission is to support, create positive awareness and provide accurate representation of backcountry sports through responsible recreational riding, professional, “Hill Climb” racing, facilitating safety training, charitable assist/contributions, search and rescue, government agency collaboration, vendor commination and interlock with other related clubs and organizations globally.

Our Priority Lands:  Lochsa Country. While our involvement incudes other regions our priority focus is the beautiful Lochsa drainage in the Clearwater National Forest.

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  • HunterHayden

    Career Highlights

    2017 - present

    • Racer Number:650
    • Annual Sled Miles:850
    • Year Started Racing:2017
    How long have you been riding snowmobiles and what inspired you to begin racing in RMSHA?Coming soon.
    What is your favorite class to race in?Coming soon.
    Where is your favorite place to ride?Coming soon.
    What's your favorite food? Drink? Movie?Coming soon.
    What's a great day of snowmobiling?Coming soon.
Team Lochsa is fired up for Race Season 2018!

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Jay Mentaberry Honorary Racer

Watch Jay crush the 2018 season on the Skidoo 850's!